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The Speak Up Network is part of the four level development program of the Speak Up & Lead Academy.

Students of Speak Up & Lead Academy are invited to join once they go through one of the Academy's programs: masterclass, mentorship or training the trainer.

Non-students of Speak Up & Lead Academy can apply for membership by being recommended by one of our students (preferable) or independently by registering at the Aspiring Level in this network. In both cases the applications will be assessed before approval, and the applicant might be invited for an interview with the board. We want to make sure your level of expectations match ours.

There are three levels of membership in the Speak Up Network which are defined by your own experience as a speaker and presenter. They are:

  • Aspiring Level: For individuals who don't have much experience as speaker and presenter, or who work for an employer where professional speaking is likely to become a major part of their role. 
    This is the entry level for students who have attended the 2-Day Masterclass (no assessment required), and to professionals who haven't been our students and want to become part of this network (assessment required prior approval). 
    Aspiring members can stay at this level for the period of one year only. After that, they are required to apply to the next level. For that, they need to give a 5 minute presentation to the board before being accepted at the next Competent level. 
    If the board find their presentation doesn't meet the standards expected for the Competence Level, the applicant will be given a comprehensive feedback on her/his performance, on what should be improved, and where to find support.  The Aspiring members will be given another year to hone their skills before applying for the second time. 

  • Competent Level: For individuals who have more than 3 years of experience as speakers or presenters, or have given more than 15 presentations, talks, speeches, workshops, or other communication trainings for audiences greater than 20 individuals in the past 12 months. 
    This is the entry level for students of the Speak Up & Lead Academy who have attended the 6-Month Mentorship program (no assessment required). 
    Professionals who haven't been our students and want to become part of this network should come strickly by recommendation of one of our students or members of this network. An assessment will be required prior approval. 
    The experience and credentials of the candidate to this level will be analised, and an interview might take place. A video or live 5 minute presentation to the board is required before being accepted. 
    To move to the next Professional level, each candidate needs to meet the criteria listed below, and go through an assessment with the board (a 5 minute video or live presentation is required).  
  • Professional Level: For individuals who have been speaking professionally more than 5 years, and have proven evidence that they have been paid as speaker, or trainer, during the previous 12 months. The candidate should be recommended by another member holding the Professional Level membership. The candidate is required to give a 5 minute presentation to the board before being accepted at this level. At this level the member will be part of an exclusive mastermind group with further opportunities.

We believe everyone has a story which is worth sharing. We believe everyone has the power to change their communities, the world, with their message. However, we also believe that impactful messages, strong stage presence, the ability to influence others, are the result of due diligence based on constant learning, preparation, practice, practice, and more practice.

Our network core purpose is to provide,

  • Constant learning tailored to our members' needs
  • Monthly accountability checkups
  • Community support through referrals
  • Sharpen our skills through the power of group feedback

How do we do it? We have...

    • Monthly group calls with a predefined learning subject 
    • Accountabilty hot spots calls where members will receive group feedback on their presentations 
    • Annual live meetings where we will expand our learnings through workshops and seminars
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